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ACD Telecommunications located near San Francisco, California, sells, services and installs VoIP and PBX phone systems including Data Cabling Networks. ACD has served clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in California for over 20 years. ACD Telecommunications is one of the largest business telephone systems dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACD Telecommunications provides business telephone systems both traditional and state of the art equipment and support at very cost-effective rates. ACD Telecommunications offers Business telephone systems data cabling and video surveillance gear  designed to work within your budget. ACD Telecommunications is an authorized dealer for several of America's largest business telephone systems manufacturers. 

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Need help with Internet Connections?

We speak telephonese, so you don't have to.

Phone lines? Dial tone for your business? Need it now? Don't panic!

Caveat: It can take up to 40 business days to order PRI and some other services.....

We can help! ACD can order lines from AT&T, Xo Communications, Telepacific Comcast, and many more.

We can assist with implementation from any carrier,let us know what you want.

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What is SIP?

Well, in plain English, virtual phone lines that ride over your internet connection to your phone system or phones.

What is PRI?

Simply, it is a group of virtual lines which are assured to work by the carrier, delivered to a card on your phone system, check this out!

CAPITAL Bandwidth National Telecom Services

If you need immediate assistance call Brett Stauffer with Capital Bandwidth, and mention ACD Telecommunications for an automatic 10% discount on any service offered by Capital Bandwidth.

 Brett can be reached @ 916-343-4513. mention this website for a free assessment!

Requirements Analysis

Sip can save you money!

You benefit from our relationships and industry knowledge, because we identify and inform you of services available from competing carriers that fit your requirements. Our objective is to save you money – typically garnering 35%-50% savings for you, our client. In addition to identifying your best service solution, we help you navigate through the service provisioning process, in order to assure that you receive the benefits of your bargain – the most cost-effective telecommunications services which increase business efficiency while lowering your costs for infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. Best of all, we do all of this at no extra charge.

It is common knowledge that regardless of whether one arranges services through an independent agent or directly through a carrier employee (Sales Rep), carrier pricing to the customer is identical. Accordingly, independent agents, armed with the buying power of their entire customer base, frequently obtain carrier services for their clients for less than their carrier employed counterparts. The bottom line is that you pay the same or less using the experience, skills, and services of the independent agent.

Telecom Resource/Carrier Liaison:

The significant characteristic of an agency relationship is that it is on-going, rather than stopping at the point of sale, because candidly agent compensation is residual. Alternatively, carrier employees receive essentially salaried compensation, sometimes with an event related bonus or spiff. Consequently, agents are the most motivated to remain proactively involved. Capital Bandwidth assists you in identifying your best solution and coordinating every aspect of the installation and service provisioning, while working closely with your telephone equipment vendor and IT consultant. One would prefer to think that they will not need an advocate. That carriers will always do what they promise. However, isn’t it more logical to assume that an independent agent will be a more fierce advocate than the typical company employee, who is beholden to its employer and, therefore, forced to enunciate the company mantra?

Telecom Service Relocation:

As your business expands into additional office space or relocates (whether you’re buying, building or leasing), the need arises to plan, order, and coordinate new or additional service installation of your local access, internet service and telephone equipment. Unlike most companies that engage in the process infrequently, Capital Bandwidth does this for its clients every day. At the very least, your company will be relieved of the burden upon your staff’s time, which would otherwise be directed towards these tasks. Capital Bandwidth will work with your present and future carriers, telephone equipment vendor and data/internet person to coordinate the transfer of your service to your new address, making sure that service is established on your timeline. So, whether you have a tight move-in schedule or you’re planning well in advance of your move date, let Capital Bandwidth reduce your headaches and staff time and assist in the minimization of errors and scheduling conflicts. In short, let the industry experts at Capital Bandiwdth handle it for you.

Billing Analysis & Audit:

Capital Bandwidth offers carrier invoice auditing services to ensure that you are being charged correctly for what the carrier is providing. In particular, we look for an exact match between what’s installed (identified in your phone closet) and what is on your monthly bill. We make sure that surcharges, LNP and PICC charges are accurate. We also look for areas to improve and ways to cut costs (lines on the bill that are no longer being used?). Each review is different and yields results. And many times, but not always, our client selects a new product or service, one that current with the times, offering better technology to improve efficiency and save money.

Discover how Capital Bandwidth will exceed your expectations by contacting us today at 916-251-7377.

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Well that is great but what if I don't need PRI OR SIP can you help me?

I just want to use my regular AT&tT or Comcast lines with a digital phone system! Can I do that?

Yes, you can, do that, many savvy businesses still use copper lines into the business and there are still some advantages to that, Give us a call anytime to discuss, 1800-988-6511, press 1 for sales, or email us at


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