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ACD Telecommunications located near San Francisco, California, sells, services and installs VoIP and PBX phone systems including Data Cabling Networks. ACD has served clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in California for over 20 years. ACD Telecommunications is one of the largest business telephone systems dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACD Telecommunications provides business telephone systems both traditional and state of the art equipment and support at very cost-effective rates. ACD Telecommunications offers Business telephone systems data cabling and video surveillance gear  designed to work within your budget. ACD Telecommunications is an authorized dealer for several of America's largest business telephone systems manufacturers. 

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Best Business Office Move Checklist

3 or so months before the move, don’t panic. Do Breathe!

❑   Establish a preliminary relocation budget and assess all office supplies on hand now.

Some links listed below move Planning



❑   Coordinate moving of servers with your IT provider or support person.

Some links listed below IT Communications Planning

❑   Contact us at

❑   Contact your telephone provider to get new numbers or relocate existing.


❑   AT&T

❑   TelePacific Communications

Some links listed below PHONE Company planning

❑   Determine if any equipment requires specialized or approved vendors to move it.  

❑ Fax machine?     ❑ Copier?  ❑ Mailing Machine?  ❑ Time card clocks?   

❑Special key machines? ❑ Door Access?

❑ Security Alarms?   ❑ Paging equipment?

❑ IF you do not have Security Cameras, now, consider installing them at least at the front door, and in your IT or secure areas.

❑   Check your existing lease for restoration requirements/ conditions for returning the current space to your landlord.

Check your original lease documents. Schedule a meeting with existing landlord to review these requirements.

❑   Contact your telecommunications/data provider to schedule a cut-over date.

❑   Reserve the building elevator (existing for move-out, new for move-in). 

❑   Contact the building to confirm location logos and or signage, if any.

❑   Hire a signage vendor to plan, get approval for, and install new signage, if applicable.  

❑   Order keys from the building ask them to duplicate three sets.

❑   Obtain a qualified mover by interviewing 2-4 companies, call references! Plan for delays if you are building out the new space.

2 to 3 Months Prior to Move

❑ Select a move committee.

❑ Order or redesign letterhead, business cards, forms, and other printed marketing materials.

❑ Coordinate updates to your website, email signatures, and any place else where your address appears so they can be implemented on the day of your move.

❑ Notify your clients of change of address.

❑ Contact the post office, your bank and vendors (coffee service, vending machines, etc.) for change of address.

❑ Contact the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Secretary of State, and Employment Development Department for change of address.

❑ Notify your insurance carrier of change of address and new office requirements. Obtain certificates of insurance for the landlord, and any entities required by the lease.

2  Months Prior to Move

❑   Coordinate with IT on server move, desktop, and PBX timelines.

❑   Prepare floor plans/layouts, and verify COMMUNICATION AND DATA LOCATIONS

❑   UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE INFORMATION including your new location.

❑   Collect all furniture layout plans from employees for their new spaces.

❑   Develop a preliminary move schedule.

1 Month Prior to Move

❑   Discuss and agree on move insurance needs with your company.

❑   Find a way to send out a press releases to highlight new location, tell people where you are at, so they can find you!

❑   Coordinate with new site to add your listing to lobby directory.

❑   Develop a labeling/tagging scheme and assign move designations as needed.

❑    Make sure employees know their assigned designations and agree on it.

❑   Determine security procedures for the move, keep in mind security at the new location.

❑   Secure off-site storage location for old files.

2 Weeks Prior to Move

❑   Finalize move schedule, check everything!

❑   Prepare employee welcome packet for the new space (restrooms, gyms, break rooms, copy rooms, etc.).

❑   Establish channels for move team communication and protocol for change requests.

❑   Create list of emergency contacts, update cell phone numbers, and vendors that includes moving company, building management, utilities, telecommunications, etc.

❑   Schedule on-site help for move day.

❑   Identify a ‘Move Command Central’ for mover and employee inquiries.

❑   Select cleaning vendor for post-move.

❑   Schedule packing material and label delivery.

********Move Week*******

❑   Schedule any additional packing material and label delivery.

❑   Tag and label all items at the destination site using room numbers and equipment IDs, as needed.

❑   Distribute handouts to the employees and or email new contact lists for emergency/on-site/ on-call lists.

❑   Prep building for move – make sure you are following guidelines at the new building, including providing surface protection, corner guards, etc.

❑   Distribute new security ID cardkey entry badges and or clean up database to prevent fraud.

❑   Schedule training for all emergency procedures at new location if needed and talk about the building and how to be safe at all times!

❑   As close as possible to moving day – change locks and access codes at new location.

Move Day(s)

❑ Assign To and FROM move contacts.
❑ Coordinate On-site help to handle move related Issues and or last-minute power or connection problems.

❑ Complete job assessment and walkthrough each day of move to track progress, confirm the move is on schedule, (?) and identify any issues.

❑ Allocate new keys and/or access cards for new location.

❑ Distribute employee welcome packets at their new destinations.

Post-Move Support

❑   Dispatch appropriate team(s) for post-move set-up – hanging white boards, equipment fit up, etc.

❑   Collect all access items including security cards, keys and parking passes for old location and confirm return of deposits held by landlord for items.

❑   Survey for damage.  TAKE PICTURES Prepare and submit reports.

❑   Prepare move punch list and action items.

❑ Coordinate with appropriate contractors to address all issues, and track to completion.

❑   Review final invoices against contracts.



If you did good, congratulate yourself, get some flowers for the office, and set up an employee luncheon, and invite your new neighbors! It's a great way to make new friends and get more customers!

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