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ACD Telecommunications located near San Francisco, California, sells, services and installs VoIP and PBX phone systems including Data Cabling Networks. ACD has served clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in California for over 20 years. ACD Telecommunications is one of the largest business telephone systems dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACD Telecommunications provides business telephone systems both traditional and state of the art equipment and support at very cost-effective rates. ACD Telecommunications offers Business telephone systems data cabling and video surveillance gear  designed to work within your budget. ACD Telecommunications is an authorized dealer for several of America's largest business telephone systems manufacturers. 

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VoIP Call Solutions for Start-Ups

VoIP Benefits Explained

Explaining Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and how it can benefit your start-up is quite simple, actually. If you are not already familiar, the first step would be to understand what VoIP delivers. VoIP basically provides telephone services over your existing network infrastructure to all personnel, whether they are working at your main offices, are mobile or telecommuting (working from home).


In fact, Robin Gareiss, Executive VP with the independent research group, Nemertes, piloted a study that “conducted one-on-one interviews with 200 IT practitioners and gathered cost and deployment data from another 1,393 via an electronic survey.”[i] In the study, Nemertes discovered that “By allowing employees to work from home, particularly those who work in a contact center, companies are reducing turnover rates. Typical contact-center turnover rates are 35% to 45%, but by giving those employees more flexible work schedules from their home offices, they are dropping turnover rates to 10% to 20%. VoIP allows companies to do this cost-effectively by paying for just a broadband access line ($25 to $45 per month, depending on service level) and eliminating the $50 to $70 monthly POTS charge for voice service.”[ii]


Essentially, VoIP helps you create a unified organizational network without the need of a physical office site. Many startups are utilizing VoIP as a cost savings tool by simply avoiding a commitment to real estate at the start. NTI@home mentions that “For companies, telecommuting expands the talent pool, reduces the spread of illness, reduces costs including real-estate footprint, increases productivity, reduces their carbon footprint and energy usage, offers a means of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and possibly earning a tax credit.”[iii] In California, utilizing a VoIP system can help you qualify for the Green Business Program, furthermore each telecommuting employee should receive corporate climate credit, which can become a monthly payment to your employees who work at home! Imagine having a virtual office through a VoIP telephone system that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective! Many of ACD Telecommunications customers indicated that one of the outstanding features of VoIP telephone systems is that when they experienced growth, or were ready to expand or relocate to another office, the VoIP telephone system easily migrated with them and actually helped cultivate their businesses!

When incorporating voice traffic over the network, companies realize substantial cost-savings by reducing expenses characteristically related with deployment or relocating phone systems and also on monthly recurring charges. VoIP implementation streamlines multiple aspects of corporate communication through simplified integration of e-mail, video conferencing or instant messaging. Some other critical points that can benefit start-up companies as mentioned in the Nemertes report:

  • Ongoing network costs–Companies that have not converged voice and data traffic onto a single WAN can save money by eliminating idle capacity and combining access lines. The typical savings is 23%.” 
  • Savings from SIP Trunking–Replacing PRI lines with SIP trunks can save about 40% off the monthly circuit costs.”
  •  Fixed Mobile ConvergenceCompanies with many mobile employees eliminate costly roaming charges by moving mobile calls to the corporate IP backbone (calling a local number and routing the call from the IP PBX through the corporate WAN)” 

Telephony and VoIP solutions can benefit Startups: Simplified Points

  • Extensive cost-savings over outmoded telephone system platforms
  • Unify employees rapidly and effortlessly, regardless of  location
  • Add additional business extensions/phone numbers efficiently 


To-do list, remembering to investigate and analyze:

  • Analyze present or launch applications and investigate or plan for future bandwidth usage. Research Telco providers or ask vendors such as ACD Telecommunications to gather this for you. ACD can be reached at 800-988-6511 or email them at
  • Ask for demonstrations and presentations. Get feedback from multiple employees and especially from those who would be communications-intensive.
  • Understand how your employees/customers will communicate with each other.
  • Consider what system features that will benefit your start-up business in pre-launch and be prepared to discuss this with your selected vendor-i.e. unified messaging, voice-mail usage or purpose, mobile applications, remote or telecommuting employees.
  • Identify and analyze cost-savings and how data will be gathered to streamline future upgrades, understand call reporting and recording.
  • Identify and analyze how you will want your VoIP system to augment your business, investigate multiple platforms and solutions while gathering data. 

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