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ACD Telecommunications located near San Francisco, California, sells, services and installs VoIP and PBX phone systems including Data Cabling Networks. ACD has served clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in California for over 20 years. ACD Telecommunications is one of the largest business telephone systems dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACD Telecommunications provides business telephone systems both traditional and state of the art equipment and support at very cost-effective rates. ACD Telecommunications offers Business telephone systems data cabling and video surveillance gear  designed to work within your budget. ACD Telecommunications is an authorized dealer for several of America's largest business telephone systems manufacturers. 

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ACD delivers quality Data Networks at an affordable price! We install and repair Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6a, and Fiber Optic Networks.

 Check our references at  Prime Buyers Report   TOP 10 Bay Area. We are experienced at all of the ways to get this right for the best price!

  21st Century Data Networks are high speed, precision tuned, throughput for your business to run smoothly.    

21st Century Data Networks are high speed, precision tuned, throughput for your business to run smoothly.


In today’s world, delivering network data and voice quickly and reliably is a criticalnecessity.

ACD Business Voice and Data Networking San Francisco Bay Area offers pragmatic and elegant solutions for your voice and data transmission needs.

We design and install Category 5e and 6, 6A, data  networks, in Pleasanton Livermore San Jose, Marin County, Walnut Creek, Oakland,  San Francisco, and the Greater Bay Area,.We provide extensive testing and maintenance, to ensure all systems function at the highest possible levels; and provide you with Network Cabling Directory Support that is available 24 hours a day. We feature Category 5e and Category 6 Data Network Design and Installation !


ACD Business Data Networks, One: Precision.

ACD Telecommunications offers expert installation oncommunications cabling systems, including Category 5 e Category 6, 6 A( Gigabit Ethernet), Fiber Optics and others.

  • ACD will install the backbone for reliable, scalable and successful growth, with your budget in mind!
  • ACD Telecommunications engineers will assist you selecting the appropriate cabling strategy so that your business is cost-effective today and remains poised to remain competitive into your future.
  • ACD can help you install paging systems, and wireless networks and or wireless Access points.
  • We can help you optimize an existing network or, if you need to build a network from scratch, we can assist your organization in developing a solid, secure network. ACD also specializes in adding VoIP capabilities onto existing business telephone systems.

ACD Business Data Networks, Two: Quality.

At ACD, we take pride in providing quality digital voice communication systems to our clients. To keep pace with the rapid technological advancements in voice and data systems, we constantly educate our experienced and friendly team so we can continue to provide up-to-date cabling equipment that ensures the reliability of your system. For example, to keep pace with the current industry trend, our services have now grown to include the cabling of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. 

ACD Business Data Networks, Three: Post install follow up and repair as needed. The devil is in the details.

You can count on ACD Business Data Networks obsessive commitment to customer satisfaction whenever you need it, and carefully monitored feedback from customers confirms it: our business data cabling solution is spot on!  

Our designs are flexible to accommodate any type of data transmission that your company requires.

Whether you need copper or fiber optic systems for voice, data, video or another type of network, our team has the experience to provide a solution that meets your exact voice and data requirements.

 We routinely install Fiber Optic Networks, both  single mode and multimode, inside or outside, call us today for a free quote and on site assessment. 1 800-988-6511

  • Ask us about line of sight wireless applications we can save you thousands of dollars!
  • We can help with any size job including phone rooms, construction sites, and MPOE work as well.


  • ACD is routinely brought in to fix the mistakes of a variety of Electrical Contractors, Video Surveillance subcontractors amateurs and sometimes your own employees, who have just enough experience to be dangerous!

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